Do you want to choose a perfect domain name?

I know you are spending hours searching for the right domain name. Choosing the perfect domain name for your success is the most critical thing to do. It is exhausting to find a perfect name that is not “copyright” or “trademark.”

It can be difficult to find one that is easy to read, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce. That’s why I’m here to help you!

In this article, I’m going to show you how to choose your perfect domain name. With in-depth study,

Make sure to follow these tips to find your domain name.

Choose domain name with .com, .Org, or .in (depending on your country)

There are so many domain extensions nowadays. Here are some: .ac .bike .ninja, all though these extensions are good to sound but too professional.

It hurt your business if you choose these new extensions b’caz people are more familiar with the .com or .net. Suppose you have a photography business and you choose a “” it sounds good, but it does not look good and it’s hard to memorize. People are likely to type ‘’ instead. because .com is easy to remember, and it is a habit now.

We always recommend choosing .com or .net for professional or business use.

It hurt business in the long run to have a newer domain name.

Not including that, today’s smartphone keyboard featured .com & .in come by deafult.

Do you know: There are other domain extensions besides .com, .net, & .org. So many people were surprised to find out that there are specific domain names for their specific industries, for e.g: .travel for travel industries and .jobs for job sites.

Keep domain name short, simple and readable


Look at the most popular domain extensions in the world. They are easy to read & it’s scannable.

Think about it! What’s the first name that immediately comes to mind when you think of a popular domain name?

Google, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, etc…

I know these names are popular and easy to remember because we see them again and again and we talk about them on an almost daily basis.

Have you noticed something unusual about these names that have no meaning or tune? But they sound good! It all comes down to spelling. Joining two unknown words together and combining them makes the name sound smart. Even though it has no meaning, it should be related to your industry.

e.g.: grammar to | definitely to

Try using misspelled domain names, which are tricky and easy to read, mostly because people don’t actually read the names, they scan them.

I bet you experience the same thing while reading.

Yocohost experts recommend that the domain extension should be 6 to 14 characters in length.

Consider using a misspelled domain name

Misspelled domain names are tricks, and they sound similar. It is okay to use them if you are starting a blog, reviewing, for a rating site, but not in business. The most important aspect of a professional business is the name.

It represents their brand, which is why, in the long term period, misspelled names are not good. It represents a false value or an untrustworthy firm.

Make sure it’s easy to memorize

We all know! It’s important, that the domain name should be easy to memorize, I know it is not easy to find a domain extension with easy words.

That is why it’s important to use a misspelled or unique name or to combine two names together to create a new one.

Look at some popular names like: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing.

These are all easy to memorize, and the fun fact is there is no meaning in their words. You create your own meaning.

Stick to your brand and niche

When choosing a domain name, keep in mind that it should relate to your brand. For example: if your brand is clothing, then the domain name should be ( or related to this.

I know it’s hard to find a clear domain name that is related.

Pick the top 5 keywords for your brand and niche: I’m taking an example of clothing, e.g: fashion, trends, clothes, new wear, dresses, etc…

Now mix them together and see what you come up with.

Tool: Use to combine names.

Leave a room to grow

Suppose you choose ‘’ as a blog and you start writing on it,

In time, your interest grows in other fashion articles, and you want to write about other fashion articles, but your domain is specific to lehenga only, and now you have no room to grow b’caz you are specific to one niche only.

I recommend using a broad domain-like:

Avoid using double letters and number

It’s not a hard and fast rule to use double letters and numbers, it’s just hard to remember the double letters and numbers.

Imagine Facebook having a number on it, e.g: Facebook21. People are not going to remember a number easily.

Avoid Hyphens, people are uncomfortable with hyphens. On smartphones and laptops, it is hard to find hyphens.
e.g: Face-book.

Stick with letters, unless it’s absolutely necessary to use numbers.

Check if it’s copyright or trademark

The most important thing to do when it comes to the domain name,

Check it on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media. Whether the name is available or not.

Make sure to check if it’s a trademark or not before buying a domain extension.

If you don’t find the name you are looking for, consider tweaking the name a little bit.

Useful domain tools

Here are some awesome tools for your domain name.

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